All Volvo cars produced in 2023 will have hybrid or all-electric engines.

The entire Volvo lineup will also use the new Google-powered infotainment system.

Volvo will sell only electrified cars in the U.S. starting with the 2023 model year, the automaker confirmed Tuesday. “Electrified” means that in addition to electric cars, Volvo will continue to offer gasoline-powered vehicles, but all will have either mild hybrid or plug-in hybrid technology.

We’ve already tried some of Volvo’s new soft-hybrid offerings, which carry the engine designations B4, B5 and B6, depending on power. These cars have 48-volt technology that smooths out the engine’s start/stop performance and adds extra electric momentum, slightly improving overall fuel economy.

Volvo will also continue to offer plug-in hybrid powertrains. In fact, these T8 Recharge models recently received a power boost in addition to increased range on electricity alone.

In addition to the standard hybrid powertrains, Volvo will extend its new Google-based infotainment system to its entire lineup. This means that all Volvo cars will be able to receive software updates wirelessly. However, we found that this new system isn’t quite up to snuff, and it still doesn’t support Apple CarPlay compatibility .

Volvo 2023 model year cars should arrive at dealers this summer.