Volvo Unveils Game-Changing Safety Tech: How Their New Alert System Could Revolutionize Your Drive

Volvo is set to equip its European line of vehicles with advanced safety technology designed to warn drivers about imminent accidents, according to a recent announcement.

The new “Accident Ahead Alert” system leverages live data from traffic control centers to notify motorists about upcoming collisions.

Imagine navigating a secluded country path, the announcement illustrates, where the road ahead is hidden from view. Abruptly, your Volvo vehicle alerts you to an impending accident. With this advance warning, as you approach the next turn and spot a collision in your lane, you’re able to slow down safely and react in time.

Initially, this innovative safety feature will be available in Denmark for Volvo’s 90, 60, and 40 series models manufactured in 2016 and onwards, with plans to expand to additional European markets.

This system operates through the Volvo Car cloud service, launched in 2016, which already communicates with other similarly equipped vehicles to share information about hazardous conditions like icy roads.

Stine Bendsen, the head of the Danish Traffic Management Centre at the Danish Road Directorate, praised Volvo Cars for being the pioneer in utilizing their latest real-time traffic incident data service.

“An early warning of an accident not only allows drivers to reduce speed and maintain a safer distance from the vehicle ahead but also significantly reduces the likelihood of secondary accidents, thereby safeguarding roadside emergency teams,”

Bendsen remarked.

Volvo emphasizes its dedication to enhancing road safety by sharing critical safety data and urges other industry players and road authorities to join in this effort.

“By urging more road authorities to distribute anonymized traffic accident data and encouraging fellow automakers to adopt similar safety technologies, we aim to make roads safer for everyone,”

the announcement stated.

Furthermore, Volvo disclosed in December that its upcoming fully electric X90 models will feature a standard driver monitoring system. This technology integrates a Dual Understanding System (DUS) with capacitive sensing to verify that the driver’s hands remain on the steering wheel, enhancing vehicle safety and driver attentiveness.