Volvo XC40 B3. Has the smallest SUV just gotten even better?

Volvo XC40 B3

Volvo customers who opted for the XC40 model most often chose the combustion versions of the T2 with 129 hp and the 163 hp T3. The B3 version is the successor of the T3. With the facelift in 2022, this variety turned into a soft hybrid. We had the opportunity to check this Volvo during the snowiest period of this year’s winter so far.

Volvo XC40 B3 – for whom?

The Volvo XC40 B3 is Volvo’s compact and smallest SUV. Thanks to its dimensions, it will be perfect for urban conditions. However, it is large enough that you can easily take it on a longer route.

Volvo XC40 B3 – model description

In 2022, the shape of the front bumper was slightly changed on the Volvo XC40, and the rear bumper received additional decorative elements. The new frameless grille has been matched with the sensors of the updated ADAS security system, which has been improved. The new version of the XC40 also features LED headlights with pixel technology. From the novelties, we also have new upholstery and wheel designs, as well as Fjord Blue paint, such as in the tested car, which until now was reserved only for the Volvo C40. On the occasion of the facelift, the drive units were also changed. The T3 version, appreciated by customers, has been replaced by the B3 model, which is a soft hybrid. Instead of a 1.5-liter three-cylinder turbo engine, a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine is also under the bonnet, also turbocharged. The power remained unchanged – 163 hp.

Volvo XC40 B3 driving experience

The B3 mild hybrid is equipped with a 14 hp electric motor in addition to the petrol engine. Despite the same power as in its predecessor (T3), the car accelerates to “hundreds” in 1.5 seconds. shorter. It takes him 8.6 seconds. Such performance for a small family car is completely sufficient. Thanks to the use of MHEV and a smooth-shifting gearbox (7-speed DCT automatic), Volvo does this very smoothly.

The car performs equally well at speeds on expressways and motorways. Well, why wouldn’t it? After all, 163 hp and 265 Nm of torque (in the range of 1500 – 4000 rpm) are quite a lot. To clarify doubts, however, it should be written that it absolutely does not lack power. It is also easy to drive dynamically, and overtaking does not cause any difficulties, but of course we are talking about driving at the speeds allowed on roads.

Volvo XC40 – interior

Volvo XC40 B3

It is worth starting with the fact that the Volvo XC40 B3 is surprisingly spacious for its dimensions. The car inside is almost as big as the much larger XC60. Even on long journeys, it can comfortably accommodate four adults. As for the quality of the finish, we have no reservations. The XC40 B3 is a premium segment, and you can feel the premium everywhere – both in materials and workmanship. Wherever needed, the finish is soft. The seats are very comfortable, and at the same time they are finished with a pleasant to the touch suede. Even a long route can be done in one go and you won’t get off tired at all.

Besides, you can enjoy classic Swedish minimalism. Everything is simple (but not crude) and functional, but aesthetic. Even the fashionable piano black finish has been spared by Volvo. The icing on this cake are the ubiquitous storage compartments and (here we are slightly jumping to the description of the infotainment system) a 360-degree camera, which can be invaluable when parking.

If you travel often with Android Auto, you’ll feel right at home in the XC40. The infotainment system is an “old friend”, because it was created in cooperation with Google, so for everyone who uses Android smartphones on a daily basis, the operation is fabulously simple and intuitive. You immediately know where to look.

Our test run took place during the biggest (so far) winter attack of the year. In these conditions, Volvo showed another very interesting side – it is immediately obvious that it is a Swedish car. Heating the cabin and defrosting the windows, even in such conditions, works instantly. So effective that you can even do without a window scraper, and the interior quickly gets warm. So much so that after a while you have to turn the heating down a bit.

Volvo XC 40 – capacity and adjustability of the boot

The trunk volume can be described as not too big and not too small. For an urban crossover, it will be more than enough. On the road you know – the more the better – but 452 liters is enough capacity for everyday use, the more so that the boot is regular in shape and is adjustable. Of course, the capacity can be increased by folding the rear seats. The trunk floor is also double. Under the main we have a place for small items.

Volvo XC 40 – fuel consumption and running costs

During the test, the Volvo XC40 B3 consumed slightly more fuel than declared by the manufacturer. But honestly, it wasn’t easy. The attack of winter, low temperature, cold wind, turned on heating, heated seats and steering wheel did their job, although even in such conditions and under such energy load, fuel consumption was not much higher than stated by Volvo. The XC40 B3 consumed 7.8 l/100 km on the route, mainly on express trains, which is only half a liter more than according to the catalog data. During such a winter, it is not only a good, but also a great result. The situation is similar in urban-suburban conditions. Fuel consumption in winter conditions oscillated around 7.5 l/100 km.

Volvo XC 40 – driving

To say that the Volvo XC40 B3 drives great is to say nothing. The engineers succeeded in the difficult art of tuning the suspension in such a way that it is resilient, safe and comfortable at the same time. It copes well with urban unevenness (and interestingly, even huge, 20-inch rims do not bother him), but on the road it does not become a “sofa” – it is safe and pleasant.

Volvo XC40 B3