The driver tried to turn his old Volvo into an electric car with a green rope

old Volvo into an electric car with a green rope

Finding a parking space in the center of a European city is not an easy task. The free space at the charging terminal prompted the savvy car enthusiast to go for forgery.

In the center of Middelburg in the southwest of the Netherlands, the owner of an old Volvo V70 station wagon decided to park on the spot at the charging terminal and charge the car with a green rope. He tied one end of it to the terminal and stuffed the other end into the gas tank hatch. But the focus failed. The police failed to get through. And it’s not even about a frayed rope instead of a thick electrical cable. You don’t have to know much about cars to understand that a 2000 model needs to be fueled with gasoline or diesel.

The stupid idea of the owner of the Volvo V70 amused the police so much that they decided to share what they saw on social networks. And at the same time to warn other “wise men” from similar inventions. Of course, the violator was fined for violating parking rules.