The new Volvo EX90 will be able to recognize the breathing of a sleeping child

new Volvo EX90

Volvo has announced a new driver assistant for its future flagship, the EX90 crossover. It will be equipped with a high-precision millimeter radar that can recognize children or animals forgotten in the back seats, even by breathing. The developers call the system of this type the first in the world.

Volvo considers its system to be the most advanced in existence. The radar, which will be built into the ceiling next to the reading lights, is able to detect fluctuations down to millimeters: therefore, it will detect even a calmly sleeping baby.

At the same time, in order not to increase the number of reminders, the system will signal the passengers remaining in the back seat only at the moment when the driver closes the door locks. In this case, the doors will not be blocked, the air conditioner will remain on, and the car will inform you about the need to check the interior.

Such a system is planned to be installed on all Volvo EX90 by default, but only for those countries where the use of frequencies on which the radar operates is allowed.

Previously, Volvo said that thanks to new technologies for assessing the surroundings and interior space, the Volvo EX90 should become the company’s safest car in history. The flagship crossover will be shown on November 9, but it is expected that the current XC90 and the new product will be sold in parallel for at least some time.