Abandoned Volvo dealership found in Belgium

A selection of photos taken in the Belgian city of Malmedy is circulating on social networks: they depict a closed dealership, in the showroom of which several Volvo sedans from the 1980s are on display.

It is not known why the car center was abandoned, but The Drive, after its own investigation, claims that even 10 years ago there were much more cars here.

In the first half of the 2010s, based on satellite imagery and photo stock archives, the publication found that there were many other, newer Volvo models parked around the showroom. However, in the photographs after 2014, these cars are no longer visible. According to one version, the cars were moved in an unknown direction by the owner of the property.

Abandoned Volvo dealership in Belgium

As for the reason no one uses the dealership, there is only one guess. Probably, the businessman who traded Volvo cars went bankrupt, his property passed to the bank, and the financial institution either forgot about this asset or deliberately waved its hand at it.

Such abandoned places around the world are found, although rarely, but regularly. One of the latest examples that has become known is the flagship 9-5 Aero sedan found in the building of a long-terminated Saab dealership in the United States.