Where did the slant on the Volvo grills come from?

We see car logos every day, we know it by heart. They are so large that it is difficult to overlook them – today they reach the largest size in history.

Volvo logo
Volvo logo from the 1950s

Do they mean something? Are they only supposed to look nice and be remembered easily? All at once.

Although the first Volvo car made its debut in 1927, the company’s logo dates back to ancient Rome.

The circle with an arrow is a symbol of Mars, the Roman god of war. With time, chemists also began to label iron, which is the main raw material for the production of weapons. Volvo used this symbol not only to refer to the illustrious traditions of the Swedish steel industry, but also to emphasize the safety, quality and durability of its cars.

However, the logo had to be attached to the rest of the car somehow. For this purpose, an oblique running bar was used. With the advancement of technology, it was no longer needed, but Volvo made this slanting accent its leading stylistic theme, still used today.