Volvo improves transmissions for delivery trucks

After the update for the long-distance trucks, the smaller trucks from Volvo Trucks are now also getting an improved transmission.

Volvo improves transmissions for delivery trucks

Now Volvo’s delivery trucks are also being fitted with a new gearbox. The FH and FM long-distance models only received a revised switching unit in the spring, and now it’s the turn of the smaller siblings. On the one hand, Volvo Trucks promises fuel savings and, on the other hand, faster and smoother gear changes.

The FL is Sweden’s smallest truck and often has to move around in cities. The previous gearbox (6 gears) is replaced by a completely new development. The new unit offers two additional shift stages and is said to save up to four percent in fuel, according to Volvo.

The FE becomes a big one

The Volvo FE also gets a new gearbox. In future he will drive with the i-shift switching unit, which is also used in the FH and FM. That component was only updated in May, after which the gears change up to 30 percent faster and should thus enable a shorter torque interruption. Volvo’s i-shift transmission offers 12 gears.